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Our unique functional oncology programs combine the best of traditional and modern medicine to focus on the patient’s health whilst combating disease.

Dr. Perez - Alterntive Cancer Treatment Specialist

Cancer Treatment

Discover how, with our unique 5 step program, you can fight
cancer without having to use chemotherapy and
with higher levels of success than
conventional cancer treatment.

Your Doctor

Dr. Ariel Perez

Dr Perez is a functional and integrative physician, specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses, including cancer, through functional medicine.

Dr. Perez has developed many functional medicine programs for hospitals and is well respected internationally for his pioneering in the prevention, detection and management of complex chronic disease.



Meet Zachariah

After conventional chemotherapy treatment failed to send Zachariah’s acute myeolgenous leukemia into remission he looked at alternative cancer treatments.

At 34, Zachariah’s conventional leukemia treatment had failed. But he didn’t give up. He researched alternative treatment programs all over the world before deciding to get in touch with Dr Perez. Here is Zachariah’s story.

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