During a recent interview, Dr. Ariel Perez, stepped away from his busy role as the Medical Director of the Angeles Hospital Functional Oncology Cancer Center to help us get a better understanding of Functional Oncology.

“Chronic disease in any of its forms has taken control of our lives and future. Chronic disease is continuous. There is rarely a cure.” Explains Dr. Perez, who specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases including cancer. “The patient usually lives indefinitely with the disease and its symptoms, with persistent treatment and with multiple consequences, including necessary behavioral changes to forestall worsening of the disease, social and economic dislocation, emotional turmoil, financial fear, lowered self-esteem and depression.”

“YOU are a complex living organism interacting with your environment based on many factors including your body and genetic blueprint, your experiences and even your beliefs. Such a complex organism requires a specific approach to be able to understand all that is involved in the response against disease. For the most truly effective approach to treatment, it is imperative to consider the whole structure even when focusing on one system or organ or even one symptom. We must never forget the WHOLE.” 

“Such complex conditions require a multidisciplinary team of professionals working TOGETHER for a comprehensive understanding of your situation”, Dr. Perez continues. “Bringing together critical stand points in an effort to minimize the possibility for human error, as well as to avoid the potential exclusion of what could be considered not so vital information in relation to your problems.”

“This complex form of disease can’t be effectively dealt by a single person or doctor, nor can treatment for chronic disease be effectively segmented such as what happens when seen by not one but multiple specialists, with different doctors focused only on performing the correct intervention from their particular view, knowledge and experience. Both of these traditional approaches to disease management are missing the big picture – YOU, the patient.”

Dr. Perez, is committed to helping educate patients on their treatment options and is regular participant in the webinar series, where he also hosts a questions and answer session with patients interested in Functional or Integrative cancer care.