At times we hear people brush off the functional oncology approach, throwing it out the window with “those other alternative therapies” or calling it “hocus-pocus”. But the reality is that Functional Medicine is clinical and evdicine based medicine, but with a new approach.

Dr. Ariel Perez, Functional Medicine specialist at Hospital Angeles, describes why the Functional approach works.

“Next generation cancer treatments such as the ones offered at our institution, require a cutting edge approach and represent a fundamental shift in the approach to allopathic treatment of the oncologial patient. At its core, Functional Oncology works by integrating the best of what is available in both the traditional western medicine approach to oncological patients and natural, holistic fields.”

“Our treatment plans are architected to put YOU, the patient in the center of a team of professional partners in the medical fields such as Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, Internal Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology” Explains Dr. Perez of the forward thinking approach to cancer treatment offered at Angeles Hospital.

Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico is home to one of the most innovative cancer treatment programs in the world. Dr. Perez is the medical director of this program, commonly known as the Functional Oncology Program. The programs unique approach brings together specialists from specific disciplines internal medicine, nutrition, dentistry, psychology and functional medicine to treat the patient as a whole, rather than treating an individual symptom or problem. The team also integrates with other specialists that may be required to meet the unique needs of each patient, such as bringing an Endocrinologist on board for those patients dealing with or at risk for diabetes.

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