Most patients that come to Angeles Hospital for the Functional Oncology program can be categorized into 3 groups:

1 – Combination Treatments Seekers
Some patient come to Angeles with the intent to combine conventional treatments with complementary or alternative treatments by either a integrating the two treatment forms or using the Angeles Functional Oncology program to help improve or optimize their health prior to undergoing toxic conventional treatments (such as radiation or chemotherapy).

2 – Alternative Treatment Seekers
Some patients come to join the Angeles Health Functional Oncology program because they are seeking natural treatment options for their cancer care.  Some patients are more of the “naturalists” in all facets of their life, while other patients have an understanding of the connection between imbalance in their body and the cancer. These patients are looking to figure out what factors influenced their negative state of health and how they can reverse it.

3 – Second Line Treatment Options
There are many patients who come to Angeles Hospital to enter into the Functional Oncology Program as a secondary option. These are patients who have already undergone conventional treatments at home with little or no results. In fact, many patients end up with adverse results, in that the cancer actually metastases instead of improving. These patients come looking for alternative forms of treatment, as their first option did not work. These patients come in different states of mind and body; often weakened from the toxic treatments and with a lack of hope due to the failure of conventional treatment, but the Functional Oncology Program can help restore their strength and their hope.