The Functional Oncology Program at Hospital Angeles Tijuana is a cutting edge approach to cancer treatment and represents a fundamental shift in the approach to allopathic treatment of the oncological patient. At its core, Functional Oncology works by integrating the best of what is available in both the traditional western medical approach to Oncological patients and natural, holistic fields.

Our treatment plans are architected to put the patient in the center of a team of professional partners in the medical fields of Functional Medicine, Clinical Oncology, Clinical Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, and Clinical Psychology.

Many of the most common cancers found in our society have been traditionally rare in other large populations in the world; studies of migrants exclude a simple genetic explanation for these wide geographical variations and imply that environmental exposures are key determinants of the development of these cancers.

Taking this into consideration, Cancer may be the result of our interaction with our Macro, micro and nano-environment.

Our macro environment has to do with our country of origin, country of residence, the city we live in,  the place we work in, etc.

Our micro environment encompasses our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, our diet, exercise habits, etc.

Our nano-environment is the relation with our microscopic world, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Whether it is a solid or a blood Cancer, this is not the result of a single factor but a sum of genetic, nutritional, toxic, immunological, and psychological factors put together. By understanding that cancer is a multifactorial illness with more than 2000 know causes, there are no rules when it comes to the presentation to the disease, in which many patients with the same cancer have enormous differences to each other…  age, genetics, environment, additional illnesses, nutritional habits, etc resulting in a very unique situation that requires an individualized approach.

Angeles Functional Oncology Center has moved beyond the conventional linear view to cancer treatment to an individualized multifactorial understanding of the disease. The Angeles Functional Oncology program is designed to integrate scientifically based treatments coming from both the conventional and the complimentary or alternative disciplines.

The program itself has unlimited variations, based on the type of malignancy and it’s complications. We cannot base our program in a sole diagnosis and take that as the basis for a treatment plan, it is imperative to understand the history that surrounds every patient.

Cancer creates a cascade of complications that if not completely understood and detected will be the biggest impediment for mayor treatment in any modality.  These complications vary according to the type of cancer and the presence of metastatic disease, they could go from a minor nausea to severe organ failure, and in any presentation, it is always necessary to trigger specific actions and treatment to avoid further complications; remember your body is one unit and even in the presence of disease continues to work in that way, meaning that all these problems are linked to one another, one system triggers, modifies or balances the other.

This complex form of disease can’t be effectively dealt by a single person or doctor, nor can treatment for chronic disease be effectively segmented such as what happens when seen by not one but multiple specialists, with different doctors focused only on performing the correct intervention for their particular view, knowledge and experience.

Angeles Functional Oncology centers is formed by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists that work together as a unit, all of them assess, come to a general consensus in regards to the situation and proper management and as a result create a global management approach, focused on the patient and not the disease.

Our statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach to cancer treatment. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation from one of our US based case managers.

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