The Functional Oncology Program at Angeles is a holistic approach which includes diet and nutrition.  Nutrition and the nutritional balance within your body play an important role in the program.

 During the duration of your visit to Angeles Hospital, your diet will be a custom prepared individual plan based on your personal nutritional requirements. The food used by the chef’s is organic whole foods, and are non-allergenic.

 The dietary program is a low stress, cleansing and regenerative diet, using enzymes, raw juices, and an allorganic foods to supply maximum energy with a minimum amount of digestive work.

Guests are then provided with a series of transitional diets, to promote gradual lifestyle changes. People set themselves up for failure when they try to change their diet too quickly on their own. The supervised Functional approach gives the body and mind a chance to adjust during the transition.

 The food given during the program is intended to provide complete nutrition and maximize your chances for a long and healthy life. The menu choices are designed to aid prevention and control cancer.

 In addition, the Functional Oncology Team at Angeles Hospital has designed a cookbook, called Cooking Organic to help patients continue the nutritionally balanced, cancer fighting diet at home. The colourful cookbook, filled with pictures, provides tips and guidance to support the teachings from the program and help keep patients and their families on track to a healthier life. Recipes range from Shakes to main courses and everything in between, contact us today to learn more.