Suboptimal nutrition is now widely considered to be one of the causes of cancer. The term describes a diet that, while it may be enough to sustain a person’s weight, does not feed the body what it actually needs to maintain a healthy balance. Even if you feel that you have a healthy diet your nutrition may be below what your body needs; especially as the result of Westernized food production and transport methods means that the nutritional content is dramatically reduced in many of the ‘healthy’ foods that we eat.

At the Angeles Functional Oncology Treatment Center we use nutrition as the first line of defense, harnessing the healing and protective effects of naturally occurring vitamins to optimize patient’s health.

Normal, healthy cells in our body divide when they need to. Simply put, tumors occur when these normal cells divide when they don’t need to, creating new mutated cells that also continue to divide out of line with the initial tissue structure, forming a mass of ‘bad’ cells. This is often caused by free-radical damage to the cells. Some vitamins and minerals control the replication of cells, boost the immune system, enabling the body to kill unfamiliar cells, or have the ability to absorb free radicals, preventing cell damage and protecting the body from cancer.

These vitamins not only help to reduce the risk of getting cancer but can help to inhibit the growth of tumors and assist in reversing or reducing the malfunctions that have caused the cancer in the first place.

At Cancer Treatment MX we focus on the individual’s dietary history and measure vitamin and mineral levels in the body in order to create a program that will help to maximize healthy cells and, ultimately, recovery.

So whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or you are looking at ways to protect naturally protect yourself from disease take a look our articles on cancer fighting vitamins; you may not be able to afford to miss them.

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