The Functional Oncology Program at Angeles Hospital is a 6 step program, with the first step being an integrative assessment and the 6th step being follow up care. Thus the core of the program resides in the 4 middle steps, which are:

1. Cellular Nutrition
2. Dextoxification
3. Immune Support and Regulation
4. Cancer Suppression.


We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat”, well it has real depth to it. The food we consume is energy, energy for our bodies to survive and complete necessary functions. When there is a disturbance or “battle” occuring within the body more energy is required.

Nutrition is our first line of therapeutic defense.

Patients in the Angeles Program are prescribed an organic nutrition plan based on their unique needs identified in the initial assessment. Nutrtional plans address:

    – deficiencies
    – meet higher nutritional needs to meet the bodies needs while it fights the cancer and the imbalance
    – identifying allergies

The nutritional support provided by the Functional Oncology program goes deeper than providing basic nurishment. This stage of the program is designed to focus on what the cells need and thus is focused on a “cellular nutrtion” approach. This ensures that the cells of the body are functioning properly and to their full capabilities in order to play their role in fighting the cancer.

Nutritional support is important because the balance in the body is off due to:

   – the patient’s environment
   – the patient’s diet
   – the progression of the cancer within  the body
   – the toxic effects of conventional cancer treatment

In advanced stage patients, sometimes IV nutritional support is required.