Detoxification is an important part of the Functional Oncology Program. By removing toxins and “distractions” from your body we allow your immune system to focus on beating the real threat; the cancer. Contact us to find out how detoxification will help you on your journey to health.

After starting the detoxification process with the diet and supplementation regime, we continue to detoxify your body by administering additional therapies and nutrients. These are designed to increase the process of detoxification through a number of functions, including improving liver function through the regulation of enzyme production.

Modernization has created many advantages to western cultures, but at a price; the proliferation of pollution, radiation and contaminants in our food and water supply mean that we are virtually surrounded by substances and molecules which have a toxic impact on the human body.

Our bodies have built in systems which have the job of neutralizing the threat of an insupportable toxic burden. These systems are fuelled by specific nutrients which are crucial for adequate liver function and effective detoxification. However, many chemicals, including cancer treatment drugs, are known to impair and inhibit some of these functions. The end result: defective detoxification and in an increase in the toxic burden.








Detoxification will only work effectively when performed with the knowledge and understanding of the different substances that are needed to help the body to recover from damage and to fight disease.

The Liver and Detoxification

The liver plays a key role in the detoxification, helping the body to excrete chemicals that we take into our bodies through food, drink and the environment. The liver filters the blood, removing toxins and altering the form of toxic substances. It secretes bile full of cholesterol and fat-soluble toxins and enzymatically breaks down unwanted chemicals.

Our detoxification step is split into phases:

Phase I of the detoxification process

In this phase we use 50 to 100 enzymes are collectively referred to as P450 cytochrome. The P450 cytochrome activity varies from one individual to another depending on their genetics, exposure to toxins and nutritional status.

A significant side effect of this phase is the production of free radicals which are produced during the neutralization of toxins. Without adequate antioxidant defenses, whenever a toxin is neutralized by the liver, damage occurs as a result of these free radicals. The antioxidant used to neutralize free radicals is glutathione; glutathione is very necessary in one of the dominant processes of Phase II.

Phase II of the detoxification process

During this Phase, the Functional Medicine team will work to provide support to the liver via the following elements and treatments:

IV glutathione

Glutathione is essential in the supporting liver function.  A tripeptide (very small protein), glutathione plays a key role in liver detoxification, acting as a ‘scavenger’ of destructive free radicals.

Glutathione metabolism is able to play both protective and pathogenic roles. It is crucial in the removal and detoxification of carcinogens and damaged cells as well as having a profound effect on healthy cell survival.

Alpha lipoic acid

Lipoic acid plays an important role in metabolism, the way that cells process chemicals in the body.

Regarded as a powerful antioxidant, Alpha-lipoic acid strengthens the effects of other antioxidants (such as vitamins C and E) and regenerates antioxidants that are used up in the fight against free radicals.

Alpha-lipoic acid inhibits genes that trigger the growth of cancer cells, and it is widely recommended as a complementary therapy to prevent or relieve some side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

N-Acetyl cysteine

In addition to providing toxin protection, N-acetyl cysteine is a selective immune system enhancer.

N-acetyl cysteine helps the body to convert and synthesize glutathione, an amino acid compound that consists of glycine, L-glutamic acid, and L-cysteine, and is found in every cell. While glycine and L-glutamic acid are plentiful in our diets, the amount of glutathione our bodies can produce is limited by their store of cysteine, which sometimes is in short supply. Supplementation with N-acetyl cysteine thus helps the body produce glutathione at optimal levels.

Ozonated Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing therapy with ozone has an anti-helminthic action; that is, parasites are removed. The concentration of ozone in the water will increase the effectiveness of the cleansing process.

Ozonated water used during the enema will absorb into the old encrusted waste products that are lining the intestinal walls. The oxidizing and bubbling action will break up the old fecal waste quicker than the other methods. The O3 oxidizes the bad bacteria, viruses, toxins, and parasites on contact before re-absorbing into the walls of the colon. Most of the bad odors are also controlled as the toxins and debris are eliminated out of the rectum.

Action of the activated oxygen will act as an alkalizing or neutralizing agent to these foreign invaders that have taken up residence in the colon. Oxygenation of the blood will restore its pH so the body’s electrolytes can function properly. When the body’s chemical balance is regained, proper tissue and organ function will be restored.

The Benefits of Ozonated Colon Cleansing:

• Activated oxygen absorbs through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream if the colon walls are free of debris. Tingling sensation is felt throughout as the ozone is circulated in the blood and purifying it at the same time. The increased amount of oxygen in the blood is highly energizing and restores bad circulation.

• Ozone oxidizes the plaque in arteries and restores flexibility to red blood cells, which eliminates clumping in tiny capillaries.

• Ozone is one potent immune system stimulant that can also help to restore the body’s own defenses, thereby making it possible to resist some more resilient viruses.

Of regenerating the immune system depends on the complete program, including thorough detoxification and self-cleansing. So, when given in conjunction with any program through self-cleansing, lymphatic massage, supplementation, and other therapies that stimulate the oxidative process, Ozone can do miraculous things. It is up to all of us, patients and doctors alike, to demand access to this incredible healing substance.

Extra corporeal filtering

“Extra corporeal” means, literally, “outside the body”.  This filtering therapy takes place externally through the use of perfusion: blood is pumped out through a central line, passing through a UV light and filter to remove cellular debris and microorganisms.

Transdermal Ozone therapy

Transdermal Ozone, also known as hyperthermic ozone and transcutaneous ozone therapy, is a method in which ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a hot steam cabinet. As the pores of the skin open as a result of being surrounded by the warm steam, ozone enters the body transdermally (i.e. via the skin). The ozone then penetrates the blood, lymph and fat. By allowing ozone in and toxins out via the sweating process that is induced, transdermal ozone therapy is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenating the body in existence.

Transdermal application of ozone combined with hyperthermia in the steam cabinet is the treatment of choice for most cancers (except brain cancer, which can be treated with ozone insufflation in the ear at 1/32 l/m). Cancer cells are tightly packed as they try to force their way in between other cells, and they are thus less able to shed heat.

This accounts for the effect that heat stress has in killing cancer. Both heat stress and ozone kill cancer, so this treatment offers the best opportunity to eliminate cells which are fermenting sugar anaerobically, halt metastasis (cancer spreading) and restore healthy aerobic function.

Because of its negative charge, and the positive charge of cancer cells (due to the lack an enzyme coating) ozone is able to seek out and destroy all the cancer cells with more certainty than the surgeon’s crude scalpel. In addition, ozone will oxidize the toxins which caused the original problem, helping to prevent recurrence of the problem. This is in contrast to chemotherapy which is massively immune-suppressive, and radiation which itself can cause cancer.

Following the detoxification of the body, you will be ready for Immune Support and regulation, the next step in your journey to beat cancer.

For more information about this or any step within the Functional Medicine Alternative Cancer treatment Program, contact us.



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