Cellular Nutrition

Westernized methods of food production, processing and transport technologies, as well as lifestyle, have combined to create an environment in which convenience and preservation have largely replaced nutritional content when making food choices. This modernization of our food supply chain has resulted in critical nutritional deficits that contribute to many of today’s most challenging, costly and debilitating chronic disease conditions, including heart disease, Type II diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, digestive and autoimmune disorders and many types of cancers, have been demonstrably linked to suboptimal nutrition.

Optimal nutrition creates a foundation all the way down to a cellular level for a strong and healthy body.

Our external environment (the food and drink we ingest, chemicals around us) and our internal environment (cellular function fueled by the absorption of nutrients) interact with each other, resulting in our state of health. By understanding this relationship and the nutritional needs of individuals, our experts are able to create the complete balanced nutrition that is essential for the harmonious system functioning that is at the very heart of what we think of as good health.

At the Angeles Functional Medicine Treatment Center we use nutrition as our first line of therapeutic defense.  Our program recognizes that restoring nutritive balance is the essential first step to promote healing in a body that is stressed by the burden of invasive chronic illness.

Your treatment program approaches nutrition from a healing perspective, approaching food as medicine.  As a patient you will be “prescribed” a nutrition plan based on your unique needs, with special attention to identifying and addressing deficiencies, higher nutritional needs, and allergies.

The Cellular Nutrition step is broken down into sub stages:

Nutritional support

Your diet plan is crafted by the clinical nutritionist and subject to review, refinement and input by the medical team. A process that flows through the clinical nutritionist to the kitchen and our trained chefs, your diet will be modified throughout your stay based on your likes and needs. The end product is a customized nutrition plan that is the starting point for healing.
Mild Detox

Your food plan will be rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, high quality protein, high fiber, and low glycemic-index carbohydrates, all of which provide the essential factors for a healthy gastrointestinal system function and act to “kick start” the liver detoxification process to reduce your toxic load.


During disease and sickness, chronic inflammation can create an acidic state at the cellular level and thus creating more cellular waste.  Your program diet will promote alkalization as well as anti-inflammation, creating an internal environment optimized to fight and overcome disease.

Hypo allergenic diet plan

Each patient diet will be free of known common dietary allergens such as gluten and dairy, and is designed to promote immune tolerance.


There are numerous clinical and scientific studies that demonstrate the very low and, in some cases, the absence of good quality nutrients in our diet today.

Supplements are widely available today, however, for optimal effectiveness it is essential to move beyond an over-the-counter approach.

At Alternative Cancer Treatment Mexico your supplementation regimen utilizes only pharmaceutical grade supplements and is designed by a team of medical professionals.

Not all supplements are good for everybody, so based on your medical history, lab work and specific medical tests, your Functional Medicine team will craft a supplement regimen designed for your specific health needs and challenges. Your supplementation plan will be continually reviewed and modified as your body moves towards repair, balance and health.

Amino acid IV therapy

Amino acids are the molecules that constitute the building blocks of proteins.  Amino acids are essential to many functions including metabolic balance, the transport and mobilization of waste, energy production, cellular signaling, cellular communication, and immune support and activation.  During treatment, patients can boost amino acid levels and cellular function through a medically balanced formulation of essential and complementary amino acids administered via IV.  The use of IV ensures that all amino acids enter directly into the blood system without impairment form gut absorption due to the presence of disease and/or medicine intake.

Essential fatty acid IV therapy

As food becomes more of an industry and we are constantly being warned about the rise and risks of obesity, we are being told more and more that all fat is bad.  As a result, the market is flooded with low- and no-fat products that are erroneously believed to be healthy simply by virtue of their reduced fat content.

The flaw in this oversimplified approach to healthy eating is the assumption that all dietary fat is bad, when many fats are actual essential for good health.  Healthy fats serve an important role, acting as building blocks of the cellular membranes as well as helping in the protection of nerves and the conduction of messages via the nerves.   In fact, your brain is largely comprised of fats.

If it is deemed necessary, your treatment program is designed to support and enhance these vital functions through the inclusion of essential fatty acids, which are administered via IV therapy.

Through this unique process, the Cellular Nutrition Step will restore optimal cellular health and prepare your body for the next step in the Functional Medicine oncology program.

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