In addition to the Functional Physician who will act as the lead in the integrative team approach, the other members of the team include:

Spiritual Psychologist
Often called “the untouched organ” — and for many doctors not a part of the overall chronic problem — your mind filters everything surrounding it, aided by your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and fears. In the functional approach to treatment, the mind plays a key role during disease management. Our psychologists are not only trained in conventional therapy but also utilize a wide array of interventions intended to help heal the mind along with the body. Among these are: Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Focusing and Emotional Medicine. Mind and body are as equally important to us.

 Biological Dentist

Today there are many studies that can demonstrate and scientifically prove how dental issues can create or be the root cause of systemic conditions or repercussions. Our goal is to determine the possible systemic relation if found with any undetected or previously established dental problems. In contrast, biological practitioners try to find the systemic causes of illness. To remove the root cause is to take a major step towards healing. As a rule, we opt for the least invasive, least traumatic and least toxic means of diagnosis and treatment. True biological care supports the body’s natural abilities of self-healing and regeneration.

 Clinical nutritionist

Let’s start by explaining that in the presence of disease everything changes when it comes to nutrition. Our nutritionist is trained exactly for that, to know your nutritional needs under the stressful condition of chronic illness. Nutrition is the essence of our treatment, making it the first line of therapy: food as medicine. To do this, our nutritionist will take a detailed nutritional history and clinical assessment allowing him to tailor a specific-to-your-needs organic diet. Our food is free of chemicals, additives, preservatives, colorants. When it comes to treatment, Organic does make the difference.