The 5-Day Cancer Support program at Angeles hospital is designed to be used alongside chemotherapy. It includes the following:

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•             Medical consultations with our superbly qualified and experienced staff physicians

•             Immune enhancement therapies

•             Systemic Ozonized Hyperthermia, constructed to synergistically work with chemotherapy, enhancing its cancer-fighting properties without adding more stress to your immune system.

•             Customized therapies for detoxification and cellular-level nutrition

•             Delicious organic/whole healing foods prepared by skilled nutritional experts

•             Emotional and spiritual support provided by our counselors

•             Patient education on cancer treatment, nutrition, Integrative Medicine, Q&A

•             Our three-year follow-up program, critical for anyone undergoing cancer treatment

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Complimenting Your Chemotherapy Treatment

The Angeles Functional Oncology team prescribes chemotherapy treatment only when it is essential, and vigilantly explores and assesses advancements in conventional oncology and alternative medicine that will increase the known efficacies of chemotherapy, while reducing as much as possible any negative impact.

Angeles Functional Oncology Cancer Day Program for Cancer Support: Inclusions

The Angeles Day Program for Cancer Support is a five-day protocol. Admissions are on Monday only, and the program runs every day through the end of Friday. For the best results, patients should plan their Day Program with Angeles one week before commencing cancer treatment with their primary oncologist.

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Integrative Elements

•             Three sessions of ozone therapy

•             Three sessions of Intravenous Vitamin-C Therapy

•             One session of systemic ozonized hyperthermia

•             Five sessions of orthomolecular intravenous supplementation

•             Personalized cellular nutrition plan

•             Access to three year follow-up program

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Lab Work & Imaging

•             Blood Analysis

•            Complete blood count

•            Blood chemistries

•              Liver enzymes

•              Kidney function

•             Vitamin D

•             Tumor Marker

•             CT scan (if indicated)



•             Organic meals for patient and companion

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This is a proposed protocol, and it will be personalized to fit the patient’s individual needs.  Angeles doctors may choose some or all of the treatments listed above without incurring extra charges or reimbursements for the patient. Should the doctors recommend anything outside of this treatment scenario, such as extra tests, consultations with specialists, surgery or any additional treatments not listed here, any extra charges will be presented and explained prior to treatment.

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