“If this medication doesn’t work, this disease will progress and take your life within the next two years.”

This is what doctors said to 54 year-old Brad Matznick when cancer was detected on his one remaining kidney. Matznick thought he had escaped cancer when he had surgery a year-and-a-half earlier to remove one of his kidneys that had a large spot on it. Many of his family members have had cancer and unfortunately he was then diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that has no cure, on his only kidney.

Brad and Betty Matznick

Brad and Betty Matznick

“It originates in the kidney, but can spread. Once it spreads, it’s a very dangerous disease,” said Matznick’s oncologist Dr. Dan William. “Chance of survival is not very good if it spreads.”

As well as on his kidney, Matznick had cancer on his vertebrae and his lymph nodes.

“Mentally, I wasn’t looking past five years, because that was the expectancy,” said Matznick.

In 2007 Matznick was told he had a less than a 10 percent chance of surviving past five years. Yet four years later his most recent scan shows no detectable cancer whatsoever.

Matznick credits his family, his faith, his doctors and a little known unusual drug called drug called Protocel for his miraculous recovery.


First Matznick had tried an immune treatment called high-dose interluken 2 (IL2), which did not work and made him very ill. Then he took Sutent, a drug that reduced his tumor size but gave him serious side-effects such as swollen fingers and toes, rashes and patchy, sensitive skin.

“By the end of the fourth week I couldn’t wait to get off Sutent,” said Matznick.

“Orthodox medicine was not going to save me,” he added.

Matznick heard about Protocel, a drug used as a weight supplement, but in the world of alternative medicine used by cancer patients.

“How could this be? How could there be something out there that effectively treats cancer but it’s not being accepted by the doctors and not being used?” he said

Protocel users claim that the drug, when taken with water, blocks energy production in the body’s cells. Supporters claim it lowers the energy of cells, causing any cancer cells to self-destruct.

“I was happy with what I saw and I was convinced it was working,” said Matznick. He is now cancer free, so it would appear his method of did work.

Angeles hospital in Mexico

Angeles hospital in Mexico

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