A petition has been started targeting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Congress. Sponsored by Alliance for Natural Health USA, the petition was set up to oppose unnecessary control and even banning of harmless food supplements. Many people take things such as vitamins and experience health benefits rather than problems but this is an area of the food market that is really being clamped down on.

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The FDA has published draft guidance that will actually stop new nutritional supplements being made, restricting people to supplements that were introduced before 1994.

Supplements that are currently available but which were not on sale before 1994 in the exact same form will now be labeled as “new,” which means they will need to go through a long and complicated “notification” process with the FDA. This will in reality be a pre-market approval process, something Congress never intended to create.

The guidelines will enable the FDA to easily reject the notifications for many products, so they won’t be approved for sale any more. This could result in many supplements being banned, despite there being no evidence they are harmful in any way, shape or form to anyone!

The FDA deadline for comments is December 2. You can tell the FDA to come up with some more reasonable guidelines by signing the online petition through the Alliance for Natural Health USA.

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