The Immune System is one of the most complex systems in the human body and it plays an integral role in the fight against any pathogen in the body, including cancer. The main role of the immune system is to protect the body. But when cancer develops in the body, the immune system has failed to remove it from the body.

By building immunity – the resistance to infection or disease – your body fights back. Many patients come to the Angeles Hospital with severely repressed immune systems due to poor diet, the evolution of the cancer within the body, the toxic treatments they receive or a combination of these factors.

The Angeles Functional Oncology Program places a strong focus on rebuilding immunity through natural nutritive forces:

– Medical grade shiitake, medical grade maitake mushrooms – common components used in Japanese medicine to reduce inflammation
– Herb adaptogens
– Medical grade Vitamin K
– Medical grade Vitamin D – patients usually come to the program with very low Vitamin D levels.
– Currcumin – the powerful component in bright yellow Tumeric
– Green Tea Extract – a powerful anti-inflammatory
– Probiotics – “the good bacteria” which helps regulate the immue response
– Transfer Factor – a treatment pioneered in Mexico, where it has been used for over 50 years.

While many conventional treatments focus on only on boosting the immune system, the Functional Oncology program also focuses on reducing the inflammation. The treatments indicated all work together to lower inflammation. The therapies used in the Functional Oncology program teach the immune system to recognize, defend and control against disease.