When we think of cancer we think of the body and physical symptoms. But of course chronic illness can have very damaging effects on our mental health and sometimes psychological stress can even contribute to the development of cancer.

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At Angeles Health we use a unique program called Functional Oncology that looks beyond just the illness and physical symptoms of cancer. We treat the patient, not just the disease, and use a team of specialists to make sure the patient is fully assessed on a holistic basis and all factors are taken into account.

Psychology and spirituality form an important part of this process and we therefore use a dedicated spiritual psychologist to assess and counsel our patients for the best possible outcome for them.

Spiritual Psychologist

Often referred to as “the untouched organ”, for many doctors the mind is not a part of the overall chronic problem when it comes to cancer. But your mind filters everything you encounter, helped by your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and of course any fears. In the Angeles Health functional approach to cancer treatment the mind plays a crucial role in cancer treatment. Our spiritual psychologists are trained in conventional therapy but also use a wide variety of more alternative interventions to help heal the mind as well as the body. Some of these are: Energy Medicine, Focusing, Emotional Medicine and Energy Psychology. The mind and body are of equal importance to us.

Angeles Health

Angeles Health

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