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One in six American men will go on to develop prostate cancer, the highest incidence in the world. In this Fox News video Dr. Manny interviews Dr. Philippa Cheetham on what men can do to reduce their risk. When it comes to the genetic risk men who are African American or have a close relative with prostate cancer should be extra vigilant regarding testing and checkups. All men can minimize their dietary risk of developing prostate cancer as nutrition is a major factor in the disease manifesting itself.  Dr. Cheetham goes through the foods that will be of most benefit.

At Angeles Health we run a tailor-made Functional Oncology program and use diet as a key component of this. We use many different methods alongside nutritional defense, including systemized ozonized hyperthermia and cellular immune therapies such as Prostacit, our new prostate cancer treatment. To find out if our program is suitable for you please get in touch using the form on the right.

Angeles hospital interior

Angeles Hospital Interior