Many famous men including Robert DeNiro, and Arnold Palmer, have been diagnosed with prostate cancer over the years and as more and more celebrities go public with their cancer battles it opens the door for discussions on prostate cancer as well as prostate cancer screening for men everywhere. The support of loved ones is extremely important for a man diagnosed with prostate cancer. Do you know how to engage your loved one in such critical discussions?

Provide Support During the Process

The process of receiving, processing and managing a difficult diagnosis can be overwhelming, and this is no different for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. If a man in your life has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is important to provide support by attending healthcare appointments and tests with him. This will help reduce some of the anxiety and isolation often association with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

The volume, variety and frequency of appointments can also be overwhelming. It may be helpful if you take over the role of managing the schedule of medical appointments, removing one less worry from his plate. Whether you manage it or he does, ensure that all appointments, tests, treatments and information provided by the medical team is recorded for future reference.

As with any new diagnosis, the amount of information initially received can be overwhelming. He may be grateful if you are the one to begin to process and digest the information with him.

Support Don’t Smother

While it is important to provide support, it is also important to remember to give him space when he needs it.  While it is positive to encourage discussion about the diagnosis, treatment and everything that goes along with it, also be respectful that most men need to process their emotions in private as well as in discussion with their loved ones. Be respectful of his need for time on his own to process his emotions.

Person First; Patient Second

When a loved one is undergoing cancer treatment, many of our conversations are centered around the disease and treatment, and friends and family checking in on the progress. While the support is generally appreciated, it is important that the patient is a person first. Make it a priority to spend time having fun with your loved one to provide a sense of relief from the constant focus on cancer and also provide a sense of normalcy. Ensure to continue to have fun. If the man is your spouse, also remember to maintain the intimacy in your relationship, to remind him that the diagnosis has not changed the man he is.

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