PROSTACIT is an autologous cell immuno-therapy that Angeles Health have recently introduced to treat prostate cancer.

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In prostate cancer, like other cancers, the immune system fails to notice of the presence of disease in the body. PROSTACIT helps ‘wake up’ immune system so it can take the required action.

Prostate Autologous Cell Immuno-Therapy

An impaired immune system is a major factor in cancer progression. The cells in our body replace themselves every day as part of the natural regeneration process, but sometimes they grow too fast, creating tumors. A healthy immune system reacts to such unusual cell growth and eliminates it before the person even knows there is a problem. But when the immune system misses the cancerous cells the disease continues to progress.

At Angeles Health we remove some of the naturally occurring dendritic cells from the patient and process them to enhance their cancer sensitivity and give them information from the tumor. When the cells are placed back into the patient they can identify any cancerous cells and the immune system fights them as it normally would.

PROSTACIT makes use of prostatic epithelium, a specific agent that aids the immune system in finding prostate cells and is a potent inducer of the response of cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

PROSTACIT is a treatment option for late stage as well as early stage prostate cancer.

Please check out ‘PROSTACIT: The New Prostate Cancer Treatment Part 2’ for more information on this exciting new treatment method.

Angeles Hospital in Mexico

Angeles Hospital in Mexico

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