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If you care about your health and would like to prevent chronic illnesses such as cancer, you may want to re-evaluate the personal and home care products you buy. It is quite surprising what can be found in many of our day to day products, even organic, that we use very frequently, even our children’s products. This video suggests you check your labels and ensure you look up your product rating in the link below.

Here is further information on the cosmetic database website.

At Angeles Health one of the first steps of our program is to create an organic, hypo-allergenic nutritional plan. We then go through a detoxification process that is made up of a variety of techniques, including glutathione, N-acetylcystein, milk thistle and colon therapy. Our patients, including advocate Sheryl Malin, have seen excellent results and have used their new knowledge to change their lifestyles for the good.

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