Dee Dibal was a patient at Angeles hospital at the same time as her daughter, Jessica Rojas. Dee underwent a lap band procedure and Jessica was a patient in the Functional Oncology program. Dee kindly gave a testimonial on Angeles hospital and went into great detail about her experience of Mexico’s largest hospital network:

‘In the days before my daughter was to leave for Tijuana for cancer therapy, I decided to have Lap Band surgery while in Mexico with her.
This was scheduled to allow me to be present for her therapies AND have time to recover before leaving for home. My insurance had no benefits for bariatric surgery, so the $5,000 cost was most attractive.


A patient room at Angeles hospital

We were settled into a beautiful suite and I was provided a bed in my daughter’s room. We ate her organic, low gluten, no lactose diet with supplemental snacks. The food was delicious. The snacks, well, provided healing herbs and protein. The cleanliness of the facility was just outstanding. The housekeepers fussed over us as if we were their relatives. I truly appreciated their caring and work ethic. I think what sums up everyone’s attitude is they were all happy to be doing what they were doing, where they were doing it. Again, very different from US hospitals.’


Hospital foyer

Angeles hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

Angeles hospital is committed to the holistic care of their patients and this incorporates everything from innovative treatment methods to clean comfortable bedroom suites. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible and the Functional Oncology program is at the forefront of . To find out more about what you can expect here continue reading Dee’s patient testimonial and fill in the form on the right to ask a representative any questions.