Read part 1 of Angeles hospital patient Dee Dibal’s testimonial which is also on our cancer treatment website. Dee was a lap-band surgery patient but her daughter Jessica had . This is what Dee said about Angeles hospital:

‘The atmosphere alone was therapeutic. The fact that everyone realized the most therapeutic modality for the patient is rest. Patients are not only permitted to sleep and rest but are encouraged to do so. While Jessica slept, I saw the medications nurse make 3 visits before awakening my daughter to give her medication.’


Rest is valued at Angeles hospital

She went through the treatment process at Angeles hospital: ‘I met Dr. Lopez Corvala on Holy Saturday. As time went on, I met the remaining members of the team for their various specialty interviews.’

‘On Monday, I went to surgery. I had reservations about waking up from anesthesia with a foley catheter (I have overactive bladder) and a naso-gastric tube. I awakened to neither, to my great relief. The evening after the surgery was a haze. Pain medication was delivered in a timely manner. I was as comfortable as could be expected. I am amazed that in the US, these procedures are done in outpatient facilities and the patients go home the same day of surgery.’

Angeles hospital entrance

Angeles hospital entrance

Of her physician Dr. Lopez Corval Dee said: ‘His integrity impressed me. This level of integrity is becoming lost in US hospitals. This spoke volumes about this man to me. I have the greatest respect for him.’

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