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Early detection has a very positive impact on cancer survival rates and the medical profession has long understood this. Yet long term remission at later stages of the disease is often possible. The at Angeles hospital has a science based, integrated approach to treatment. The Functional Oncology team equips patients with effective cancer fighting tools. These include conventional treatments but go beyond them to incorporate nutritional support, mind-body counseling, orthomolecular supplementation, environmental medicine, detoxification, bioenergetics medicine, naturopathic medicine, pain management, structural integrity, bio-dentistry and spiritual support.



The patient is viewed as a complex living organism interacting with their environment. Treatment is based on many factors including the patient’s body and genetic blueprint, their experiences and even their personal beliefs. As a complex organism they require a personalized approach to be able to understand all that is involved in the response to their disease. For the most effective approach to it is important to consider the whole structure even when dealing with one organ or even just one symptom. We have to keep the WHOLE in mind.


The statistics for ovarian cancer patients who use traditional cancer treatments are as follows: 62% survive for one year after diagnosis, 43% survive for two years and 31% survive for three years.  Ovarian cancer patients who use have improved survival rates: 94% live for at least one year after diagnosis, 88% live for two years and 75% live for three years or longer.

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