125556530A new study has been released that shows further evidence of the relationship between obesity and breast cancer. Whilst there has been a lot of research and speculation about whether obesity could cause cancer, or make it worse, scientists at the Tulane University School of Medicine have found a definite link between the cells produced by obese women and the rate that breast cancer cells grow. This makes obesity a major risk factor for breast cancer, as well as increasing the aggression of the disease in women when they do develop the disease.

Previous studies have shown that women who gained over 55 pounds in adulthood were 50% more likely to develop breast cancer. However, until now, researchers have not studied the link between abdominal obesity in particular, fat stem cells and breast cancer.

The Study

The study looked at a range of fat stem cells taken from 24 women who were undergoing elective liposuction. Researchers to fat stem cell lines from the women’s abdomens as well as from non-abdominal areas.  So that the different behavior of these different fat stem cell lines could be compared, samples were taken from obese women and those of a healthy weight, according to their BMI (Body Mass Index).

The fat cells were cultivated in a laboratory alongside breast cancer cells. These cells were then injected into the mammary glands (breasts) of mice.

When the scientists looked at the different tumors that resulted in the different mice, they found that those mice that had been injected with fat stem cells from obese women had larger tumors and greater growth rates in the cancer cells. What’s more, this cancer growth was increased further where obese women’s abdominal fat stem cells had been used.

This increase in cancer cell activity is attributed to the way that obesity alters the cells of the connective tissue in organs (stromal cells).  This leads to a series of changes that result in the alteration of breast cancer cells, causing them to grow and progress more quickly.

The Future

The discovery of the genetic changes that occur in cancer cells as the result of obesity are a great step forward in the fight against cancer. By understanding how cancer works; what feeds it, what can starve it, we can make cancer treatment programs more successful for each individual.

What Can You Do?

If you are obese, or if you have noticed the pounds creep on over the years, try to lose a little weight, or focus on maintaining your current weight. By exercising more, eating well and taking care of your body, you can help to prevent the development of cancer and other chronic diseases.

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