Common types of cancer treatment include radiation, chemotherapy and different medications. But naturopathic physician Shauna Birdsall prefers an integrated approach and adds . She uses nutrition, exercise and acupuncture at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Western Regional Medical Center in Arizona, where she is the director of naturopathic medicine. Birdsall believes in working with conventional oncologists and traditional cancer treatments collaboratively for better patient care. The National College of Natural Medicine graduate recently spoke at the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians in Portland and the Oregonian publication on her thoughts about .


When asked about the existence of any evidence that naturopathic and can help cancer patients Dr. Birdsall replied: “First, we know from studies that cancer patients are frequently taking supplements, using special diets and trying complementary and alternative medicine. In these studies, 40 to 50 percent of patients said they weren’t talking to a physician about any of these supplements. Naturopathic physicians act as a resource to patients in order to make sure they’re not taking supplements that will interfere with their chemotherapy.”

She was also asked how she combines with conventional oncology, to which she replied: “We aim to support patients as far as quality of life and also help manage side effects. What’s really important about co-managing patients is that we’re not interfering with their conventional treatment. We’re always looking at the medication they’re taking and at their radiation treatment and reviewing them to make sure there’s no interference.”

Angeles Hospital in Mexico

Angeles Hospital in Mexico

The program at Angeles hospital Mexico uses an integrative approach. Alternative cancer treatment is combined with traditional therapies. To learn more please contact us by filling in the form to your right.