Amazingly, Japanese people who work growing mushrooms are almost 50% less likely to get stomach cancer than people who do other farming.


It may well be because they consume their produce and see the effects of nutrients that provide cancer protection. Lentinan, a substance that triggers our immune system to slow down or even stop tumors growing, is found in abundance in Shiitake mushrooms.

Even commonly found button mushrooms contain cancer fighting substances. These can prohibit the production of oestrogen in our bodies, and therefore protect us from cancers that need oestrogen to thrive, for example breast cancer.

Scientists at The University of Western Australia in Perth reported recently that when Chinese women ate 4g of dried button mushrooms every day their chances of getting breast cancer went down by 47%, whereas if they consumed 10g they reduced their risk by 64%.


Resveratrol is a plant chemical that has been proven to reduce tumors. High levels of resveratrol can be found in red wine and it is absorbed best through the tissues in the mouth. It is therefore advised that we sip red wine and let it linger in the mouth, increasing its cancer-fighting effects.

red wine

How many antioxidants a wine contains depends on factors involving the grapes it was made from, such as the climate and type of soil they were grown in.

High levels of the antioxidant compound procyanidin can be found in wines from south-west France, demonstrating the importance of the grapes’ growing conditions.

fruit and vegetables

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