PROSTACIT is a new autologous cell immuno-therapy that Angeles Health uses to effectively treat prostate cancer.

When the immune system fails to identify the presence of prostate cancer in the body, PROSTACIT encourages it to function correctly and pick the disease up.

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Immune system weakness encourages cancer progression. Prostate cells replace themselves daily as part of the natural regeneration process, but like all organ cells they sometimes they multiply too fast, causing tumors. A healthy immune system stops increased cell growth before cancer can develop. But if the immune system doesn’t find the cancerous cells the disease will keep on progressing.

PROSTACIT is a unique method of treating prostate cancer. We take dendritic cells from the prostate cancer patient and process them to make them more sensitive to cancer. We provide the cells with information from the tumor so that when they are inserted back into the patient they can quickly find any cancerous cells. Then the immune system can do what it does naturally and eliminate the prostate cancer from the patient’s body.

PROSTACIT uses prostatic epithelium, a substance that lets the immune system identify prostate cells and encourages cytotoxic T lymphocytes to react to cancer cells.

PROSTACIT works for late stage and early stage prostate cancer.

PROSTACIT Prostate Autologous Cell Immuno-Therapy is only available at Angeles Health in Mexico. PROVENGE® (the US equivalent) is used in US hospitals but prostate cancer patients will find they are treated as outpatients there. Their cells will be sent to external laboratories and they need to wait for them to be returned before they can have their processed cell treatment.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

The Angeles Health Functional Oncology prostate cancer treatment program is a highly customized therapy. The first step is determining if this method is right for you. Please contact us by filling in the form on the right so we can talk about which options would work best for you.