At Alternative Cancer Treatment Mexico we have always treated the root causes of cancer in order that we may understand and effectively treat the disease in each individual patient. We believe that Westernized methods for producing, manufacturing and transporting goods, including food, contribute to the complex set of circumstances that cause cancer to thrive in certain individuals.

Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the air that we breathe as one of the leading environmental causes of cancer.

Whilst air pollution has been known to cause heart and lung diseases,  the WHO now says that evidence clearly confirms that air pollution can cause lung cancer too. Pollutants that contribute to increased cancer risks include car exhaust fumes, power stations emissions and emissions from agriculture and industry. The heating we use in our own homes also add to this pollution, creating a potentially fatal cocktail in the air.

A sub-group within the WHO, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said new data has shown that air pollution is the cause of 223,000 lung cancer deaths around the world in 2010. As a result, the IARC has now classified air pollution as being the same as UV radiation, plutonium and tobacco smoke when it comes to causing cancer.

Over half of the deaths caused by air pollution are believed to be in East Asian countries, where the rapid rise in industrial production has caused smoggy skies in some cities.

What’s The Risk?

While there is no doubt now that the complex cocktail of carcinogenic substances present in the air we breathe can cause cancer, specialists stress that the risk is still far lower than for those who, for example smoked.  However, this is an unavoidable risk; we choose our lifestyle, whether we exercise, what we eat. We can choose not to smoke or drink, but we can’t make the decision not to breathe.

Air pollution isn’t, at this point, something that people need to panic about. However, if you notice you are walking along the street and there are strong fumes coming from the traffic, try to move out of the fumes.

What Can You Do

Cancer is caused by a complex combination of a number of factors, including genetics, lifestyle and environment. Whilst environmental factors can make you more likely to develop cancer cells, lifestyle factors can help your body to destroy those cells before they can reproduce.

Don’t panic about the things that you can’t control, instead take control of the things that are in your reach; eat well, exercise regularly and try to limit your alcohol intake. By focusing your energies on strengthening your body’s natural ability to fight cancer cells, you will significantly lower your cancer risks.

About Alternative Cancer Mexico

We use Functional Oncology, a unique treatment program that examines the causes of cancer, removes toxins, improves immunity and boosts cellular health so that when we enter our cancer suppression phase of treatment, our patients’ bodies are ready to help fight back. We treat all types of cancer, with outstanding success rates.

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