Angeles Health International includes a hypoallergenic diet as a key component of its program. If something is hypoallergenic it means it is has lower than average allergenic qualities. The word is used to describe things, textiles and cosmetics in particular, that create less allergic reactions than usual.

Scientific research has proven that eating certain foods, particularly artificial colorings, wheat, yeast, gluten, dairy products, soy foods and eggs, can sometimes cause allergic reactions in people that produce a series of physical ailments. The foods mentioned are very common in America, Canada, Europe and most of the world. This makes it extremely difficult to cut them out of our diets.

Nutritionists and physicians tend to recommend an allergy avoidance diet to people with particular food intolerances and health problems. Such diets take up considerable time in planning and shopping as there are many ‘hidden ingredients’ in processed foods, and certain whole foods are only available in special health food stores. You may need to take along your reading glasses or even a magnifying glass as you trawl through supermarkets, checking food labels for their lists of ingredients.

The Functional Oncology program at Angeles Health International ensures that all cancer patients follow a hypoallergenic diet. This is free of common dietary allergens such as dairy and gluten, and is designed to promote immune tolerance. All meals are freshly prepared for our patients and they are also organic.

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