Systemic perfusion hyperthermia, dendritic cells and autologous cell immunotherapy are some of the most popular and effective s available at Angeles hospital in Mexico.

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There are two reasons on why hyperthermia is likely to be highly useful as an :

1.            As we get very hot and experience a fever our body is told that something is not right. In this situation our immune system becomes hypersensitive and finds any cancer cells to be out of the ordinary and therefore kills them.

If we have a strong immune system we should automatically be destroying cancer cells on a daily basis. There are times when cancer cells remain undetected by the immune system and this causes cancer to develop. Due to this fact scientists in the US are looking into a bio-engineered form of listeria, which is not the actual disease, to boost the immune system in identifying cancer. They are thinking about using this method to treat cervical cancer because both listeria and salmonella are highly effective in informing the immune system of any enemy bacteria present.

2.            Hyperthermia is also successful in alleviating cancer symptoms as the high temperature itself can kill cancerous cells. The hyperthermia that we offer at Angeles hospital is highly effective and we are the only provider that does a systemic perfusion hyperthermia in Mexico. This enables us to have extremely precise control of the inner core temperature of the patient.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Hyperthermia forms a major part of the Functional Oncology program at Angeles Health International in Mexico. Our patients come from all around the world to experience our high quality treatments, superior service and excellent value for money .To find out more please fill in the form to your right.