Please read part one of ‘From Brain Cancer to Weightlifting Medals: Inspiration!’ for an introduction to this part of the article.

Monique’s new life was structured and allowed her the space and time to take up powerlifting and excel at the sport.

‘I took up powerlifting because I wanted to do something where I would be the underdog and have to push myself to get to the top,’ she said.

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Monique has since won twice at the British and world powerlifting championships, and has succeeded at 18 out of 19 tournaments thus far, as well as a second world championship in Latvia.

Have a look at Monique just a few months after being released from hospital here:

And here she is during a competition:

Although she is now amazingly fit, Monique says her family still views her as the delicate girl she used to be. ‘The other day, when I was helping my aunt carry her shopping home, she didn’t even want me to carry some of the bags – she thought they would be too heavy for me’.

‘It makes me feel happy to know I can use my story to help people who are or will be in a similar situation,’ she said.

‘Now I look back I’m so glad I am still here today,’ Monique added.

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