Research published in the journal PLoS One found that curcumin blocked two genetic receptors needed for prostate cancer progression. These receptors have in past studies been able to predict cancer incidence and the rate of growth of existing tumors. The researchers found that the spice extract was“a potent inhibitor of both cell cycle and survival in prostate cancer cells.”


Lead author Dr. Karen Knudsen and her team noted that other cancer cell lines multiply by a similar receptor mechanism and could also be slowed by the curry compound. She said that curcumin“also has implications beyond prostate cancer… in other malignancies, like breast cancer. In tumors where these play an important function, curcumin may prove to be a promising therapeutic agent.”

In a separate research team scientists found that curcumin lengthens life and improves the activity of brain neurons. It acts as a neuroprotective shield against Alzheimer’s disease advancement. The research team confirmed that curcumin prevented the damaging accumulation of amyloid fibrils around the nerve synapse. Amyloid tangles can prevent the normal electrical and chemical transmissions needed to create memories and keep up cognition.

Scientific research models favour natural spice and herbal extracts like curcumin to prevent and treat many diseases. You can incorporate curry spices in your diet or take a daily supplement (250 mg to 500 mg standardized curcumin extract) to lower your cancer risk and encourage healthy brain function.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

As well as using curcumin, and countless other methods that make up our customized program, Angeles Health have introduced a new immuno-cell therapy specifically for prostate cancer: PROSTACIT. Please contact us for more information or to find out if you could be a candidate.