Committed to Informing & Educating
Hospital Angeles is committed to educating patients and their families on treatment options and approaches. This is evident through the ongoing commitment to educational content on their website as well as the educational, no pressure webinar series that brings the medical professionals to the patients in an informative free session.

Dr. Perez rings in
Dr. Ariel Perez, integrative specialist and the medical director of the Functional Oncology Program at Hospital Angeles sums up this commitment nicely.

“The medical profession has long understood that early detection has a significant positive impact on cancer survival rates, and that long term remission is often possible even at later stages. We are committed to a scientifically based, integrated approach to treatment that will give patients the most complete tools for effectively fighting cancer – including proven conventional therapies but moving beyond them as well to include Nutritional Support, Naturaopathic Medicine, Mind-Body Counseling, Pain Management, Orthomolecular Supplementation, Structural Integrity, Environmental Medicine, Bio-dentistry, Detoxification and Spiritual support” reveals Dr. Perez.

Working together with You
Together the Functional Oncology Approach brings together all components and treatment modules to treat YOU – the patient – as a whole rather than a sum of your parts. This functional approach has proven to be very effective in treating multiple types of cancers, as well as other chronic diseases. Hospital Angeles continues to be a world leader in providing functional medicine to cancer patients seeking a first line of treatment, a second opinion and even those searching for answers in the later stages of cancer.