When we think of cancer treatment today; most people automatically think of conventional treatments, specifically chemotherapy.

Modern medicine has had dramatic advancements in the past couple of decades, making treatments more precise and accurate. However, chemotherapy, despite being one of the cancer treatments of choice, remains imprecise and with mounting negative side effects. In most cases, the “chemotherapy” means poisoning a patient’s system with toxic chemicals in attempt to kill or disrupt function of the malignant cancer cells. The effects of chemotherapy on the body and the patient are very harsh, and can have long term and debilitating effects.

Luckily today we are beginning to open our eyes to different forms of cancer therapies that are not as harsh on the body and do not have mounting toxic side effects. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and the therapies that define it have been growing in popularity in the past decade as patients, care givers and the medical communities recognize the hurdles and side effects often brought on by conventional or traditional treatment routes (such as Chemotherapy).

Among those growing in popularity are the alternative approaches to cancer caner, because of the limited side effects and supportive therapies offered. The Angeles Hospital Functional Oncology Program goes one step further to not only offer an alternative approach to cancer care but also brings together the most advanced specialists from modern medicine that focus on not only the cancer itself but also the body as whole, in an integrative healthcare team.