The Angeles Health Functional Oncology program often uses hyperthermia to treat cancer patients. We use Systemic Ozonised Hyperthermia, which is actually a proprietary protocol. The procedure is becoming more popular as this high profile case from London demonstrates:

Carmina Valente is 48 and from Hampstead in North London. She underwent hyperthermia treatment for bladder cancer.

Her symptoms began three years ago with sharp pain below her stomach which eventually spread to her back.

After a few months she saw her doctor who referred her for tests.

Carmina Valente had bladder cancer

Carmina Valente had bladder cancer

Valente underwent blood and urine tests, X-rays, and a cystoscopy, where doctors put a camera on a catheter into the bladder under local anesthetic.

Two weeks later her urologist did another examination and identified a small round mark, 2cm in diameter, which was bladder cancer.

At 45 Valente was shocked. She couldn’t believe it as she had always been quite healthy, but did smoke five cigarettes a day.

The smoking was a risk factor, her doctors informed her, and so she gave up immediately.

After two weeks Carmina had an operation where the doctors removed the tumor through a catheter inserted through her urethra.

But at her follow-up appointment Carmina was told that the doctor had run tests on the biopsy and found the cancer was very aggressive.

Removing her bladder might be necessary to stop it spreading, doctors told Carmina.

“That would mean I’d either have to wear a bag for life or have my bladder reconstructed from my bowel, which was also a major operation. I just couldn’t face it. I said I’d rather die,” commented Carmina.

Doctors then tried a course of BCG — the UK vaccine for tuberculosis which sometimes also works on bladder cancer.

They used a catheter to fill Carmina’s bladder with the vaccine. Three months later, tests revealed another tumor.

Carmina’s doctors removed it — and administered another course of BCG — but the cancer came back again and had to be removed a third time.

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