Americans have a greater than 1 in 2 chance of developing invasive cancer over their life time, according to the American Cancer Society. Cancer is also the second leading cause of death in the US and is now the #1 cause of death in Canada, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. And cancer is not stopping, the disease is still on the rise. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder there is a lot of concern, fear and discussion on Cancer in the Western world.

Dr. Perez, functional medicine specialist at Angeles Hospital, examines some of the key points concerning cancer in the western world.

“Many of the most common cancers found in our society have been traditionally rare in other large populations in the world; studies of migrants exclude a simple genetic explanation for these wide geographical variations and imply that environmental exposures are key determinants of the development of these cancers.”

Data reported by the World Health Organization show that nutrition and metabolic health have become disturbed in an increasingly greater proportion of the populations of ‘Westernized’ societies”, Dr. Perez continues. “Tissue morbidities linked to metabolic syndrome disrupt hormonal balance and, it is believed, potentially contribute to the development of many clinical cancers. This new paradigmatic understanding of disease drivers actually suggests that a number of cancers may in fact be potentially preventable, and that nutritive, metabolic and endocrine manipulation can serve as productive preventive measures.”

Functional Oncology features a remarkable synergy of treatment modalities, moving beyond conventional approaches to oncological care to combine a focus on cell biology and function with immunotherapy and environment – a methodology that effectively targets cancer cells while shielding healthy cells from collateral invasion. This approach to cancer treatment results in an intelligently holistic program of care for the patient.”

With cancer effecting us at such high rates, it’s inevitable that you or someone you love will encounter this battle. Understanding the disease, the best approaches and the best treatment options are your best defense. Learn more about the Functional Oncology Program at Angeles Hospital by visiting reading our Feature on “Back to Basics: Understanding Functional Oncology“. You may also wish to attend a free, educational webinar hosted by Dr. Perez and the Angeles Health International team to get more information.