110817719In The Green: Extracts of Green Tea, Broccoli, Pomegranate and Turmeric Fight Cancer

A UK study has shown that a combination of extracts of green tea, broccoli, pomegranate and turmeric can help fight cancer. The trial showed that prostate cancer patients who took the capsule containing the essence of these cancer-fighting super heroes had PSA (a protein that indicates the cancer) levels 63 % lower than patients who had taken a placebo.  The results also showed that the use of the extract had almost no side effects and that men who had taken the extract were less likely to need further potentially toxic cancer treatment following a 6 month course.

A further study shows that pomegranate can help to inhibit metastatic breast cancer.

Check out our cancer fighting broccoli, pomegranate and turmeric quinoa salad.


1 cup quinoa, rinsed well

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 cup chopped onion

5 cloves garlic

sea salt and black pepper to taste

1 tbsp curry powder (mild, medium or hot to taste)

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cumin

1 cup peas

1 red bell pepper, chopped

1 cup chopped Kale

2 cups broccoli, cut into small florets

2 cups kidney beans

Seeds of 1 pomegranate


  1. Add quinoa to a pan containing 2 cups of boiling water and simmer for 10-15 minutes, until soft and slightly transparent.  Drain and set aside.
  2. Heat the oil and fry the onions and garlic for a couple of minutes until soft. Add the curry powder, turmeric and cumin, salt and black pepper and continue to sauté on low for two minutes.
  3. Add the kale, peas, bell pepper and broccoli and sauté until softened (be careful not to overcook them).
  4. Add the kidney beans and cooked quinoa and stir well. Season to taste.
  5. Sprinkle in the pomegranate seeds, stir, serve and enjoy!

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