In a recent interview, Dr. Perez, integrative physician and the Medical Director of the Angeles Hospital Functional Oncology Program, discussed the complexities of treating cancer patients.

“Cancer patients in advanced stages commonly are accompanies by a wide array of complications, there is no such scenario as a stage 4 cancer and cancer alone.” Explains the world renowned functional medicine specialist. ”

Cancer Does Not Come Alone
“Cancer creates a cascade of complications that if not completely understood and detected will be the biggest impediment for treatment in any modality. These complications vary according to the type of cancer and the presence of mestatic disease, they could go from minor to severe, and in any presentation. It is always necessary to trigger specific actions and treatment to avoid further complications. Remember your body is one unit and even in the presence of disease continues to work in that way, meaning that all these problems are linked to one another: One system triggers, modifies or balances the other.”

This one unit or whole body approach is fundamental in the functional oncology approach, which brings together the best scientifically validated therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine in an approach that treats the entire patient as a whole witha collaborative approach, rather than as individual problems treated by individual physicians.

Handling the Unexpected
“The actions needed to attend these complications go from preventative or corrective measures to urgent care such as in the case of severe anemia, immune comprimise, tumour hemorrhage, internal bleeding, cardiorepiratory compromise, you get the ide”, continues Dr. Perez. “These problems can only be managed by a team of professionals, but most importantly in a hospital that can provide all the services needed to prevent, manage and stabilize any possible urgent scenario such as, in house high-tech lab, blood bank, ICU, PICU, shock rooms, multiple (at least 3) ORs, and 24 hour medical staff”.

Dr. Perez raises some good points to remember when looking at treatment options for cancer or for any speciality for that matter. It’s important to be treated in a facility that can handle all of the “what ifs” in addition to the planned treatment protocols. For more information on selecting a healthcare provider that is right for you, visit “Selecting a provider that can handle the What-Ifs”.