Poor diet is a contributing factor to developing cancer. The World Health Organization (the WHO) reported that at least 35 % of cancers have poor diet at the roots, while other reports say this number could be as high as 70%. While poor diet is strongly connected to the development of cancer, other positive diets are attributed to the reduction in cancer cells and cancer treatment.

What we must remember is that cancer is a complex disease that does not form over night; the development of cancer is a multi-stage process.

 According to a popular cancer resource site, Cancer Active,  “Everyday each of us makes cancer and pre-cancer ‘rogue’ cells as by-products of our metabolism. These are normally ‘killed off’ by a healthy immune system. We believe it is easier to understand that, whilst a few factors (like radiation) may cause direct damage to your DNA, many factors (like poor diet, toxins, infection) may weaken your immune system and be an indirect cause of cancer.  If the immune system cannot cope with rogue DNA messages, cancer cells are freer to start their ‘colonisation’ of your body.  Even then they must multiply, taken on blood supplies, fire off around the body, etc. So you can see that diet may play a part, but rarely is it the only contributing factor to the development of a cancer.”

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