Weight loss is common complications of cancer treatment, especially with those undergoing chemotherapy but it can effect cancer patients for a variety of reasons, including:


          decreased or lack of appetite
           nausea and vomiting
          altered sense of taste and smell
           altered metabolism
          early satiety
           decreased absorption due to diarrhea

Weight loss can be a serious problem with cancer patients, as it often leads to malnutrition and as a result can compromise the immune system and overall health.

One important tip in battling weight loss with caner is to remember, “every bite counts”, so consuming nutrient and calorie dense foods are very important.

A popular health website has a list of useful tips for consuming a calorie-dense food for cancer patients:

  1. Eat  small servings frequently. Try to eat at least 5-6 small meals daily
  2. Have high calorie ready-to-serve snacks on hand: cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, ice cream, yogurt and canned pudding
  3. Add butter/margarine, mayonnaise and jam to the toast, sandwiches, bagels or muffins
  4. Add salad dressings or mayonnaise to salads
  5. Use vegetable oils in cooking
  6. Add sour cream to baked potatoes and butter/margarine to mashed potatoes
  7. Have cream-based soup instead of clear broth
  8. Sprinkle extra cheese on favorite pasta dish and pizza
  9. Drink homo or 2% milk instead of skim milk
  10. Prepare home-made shake; or try commercial nutritional liquid supplements such as Ensure Plus and Boost Plus

Source: http://www.healthcastle.com/cancer-weightloss.shtml