President Obama’s report on Cancer, raises many questions and concerns about cancer today. The report stated that cancers caused by the environment are grossly underestimated.

Organic farming generates more jobs, produces more profits, and doesn’t pollute groundwater but there is another clear benefit of buying organic product – they are safer.

Farmers in Canada, Kansas and Nebraska who use the pesticide 2,4-D suffer a higher rate of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The same applies to dogs which play on lawns that have been sprayed. In Sweden, exposure to phenoxy herbicides has been shown to increase the risk of contracting lymphomas six-fold17. In the US, the death rates from myeloma (a cancer) are highest in rural farming areas18. And so it goes on. Migrant farmworkers suffer an abnormally high rate of multiple myeloma, stomach, prostate and testicular cancer19. Organic farming carries none of these risks. There is a strong association between breast cancer and exposure to chemical pesticides. Atrazine, a common ingredient in pesticides, causes breast cancer in rats, chromosomal breakdown in the ovaries of hamsters20, and hind-limb deformities in frogs. A Finnish study showed that women whose breasts stored the highest levels of a lindane-like residue were ten times more likely to have breast cancer than women with lower levels21. (Lindane is a pesticide).” Exert from 10 Reasons why organic food is better. (Read all 10 reasons at

 Although buying organic can be more expensive, some changes to the “greener” version are certainly worth the investment. Here are some of those products worthy of buying organic.

 The Dirty Dozen
Bell Pepper