The medical profession has long been aware of early detection having a significant positive effect on cancer survival rates, and that long term remission is even possible at later stages. The Angeles Functional Oncology team prides itself on a science based, integrated approach to treatment that gives patients the most effective tools for successfully fighting cancer – including proven traditional therapies but also moving ahead of them to include Nutritional Support, Bioenergetic Medicine, Mind-body Counseling, Spiritual support, Orthomolecular Supplementation, Environmental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Pain Management, Structural Integrity, Bio-dentistry and Detoxification.

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Chronic disease in all its forms has taken control of people’s lives and their future. Chronic disease is continuous and there is rarely a cure. The patient tends to live indefinitely with the disease and its symptoms, with persistent treatment and various side-effects, including changes in behavior, social and economic dislocation, emotional stress, financial problems, decreased self-esteem, and mental illness.

This complicated form of disease requires many different specialists from various disciplines to work collaboratively for a truly holistic outcome.

Human beings are complex living organisms that interact with our environment based on factors such as body and genetic blueprint, personal experiences and even beliefs. Such a complicated being needs a targeted approach in order to understand everything that is involved in the response against disease. For the most effective approach to treatment, it is vital to take into account the whole structure, even when focusing on one system or organ or even one symptom. We must remember the WHOLE.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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