Angeles hospital in Mexico offers the Functional Oncology Program, a cutting edge form of cancer treatment that signals a paradigm shift in perspectives on allopathic treatment of oncological patients. Functional Oncology combines the best of both the traditional western medical approach to cancer and more natural, holistic fields. Our treatment programs put the patient in the center of a team of professionals in the fields of Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Spiritual Psychology, Structural Medicine, Internal Medicine and Biological Dentistry.

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The Western world’s most common cancers have been rare in other large populations in the world; studies of migrants rule out a simple genetic reason for these wide geographical variations and imply that our environmental is a key determinant of the development of cancer.

The World Health Organization has reported that nutrition and metabolic health have become increasingly disturbed in the populations of Western societies. Tissue morbidities that are linked to metabolic syndromes can disrupt hormonal balance and may contribute to the development of many cancers. This new understanding of disease causes suggests that a number of cancers may in fact be very preventable, and that nutritive, metabolic and endocrine manipulation can function as excellent preventive tools.


Our cancer treatment program uses a synergy of treatment methods and goes beyond conventional approaches to cancer care by focusing on cell biology and function with immunotherapy and environment. This methodology targets cancer cells whilst protecting healthy cells from any damage. This approach to cancer treatment creates an intelligent approach to holistic care for the patient.

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Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana