‘He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.’ This Chinese proverb illustrates elegantly how important it is to monitor not only the medication we ingest but also the food and drink we consume. In the case of cancer this definitely applies as a 2008 study found a link between alcohol consumption and incidences of cancer.

The research encompassed eight European countries and over 360,000 people took part. Results saw a clear relationship between drinking and getting cancer. 10% of cancers in men and 3% of cancers in women were found to be caused directly by current or former alcohol consumption. For men 44% of upper digestive tract cancer, 33 % of colorectal cancer and 25% of liver cancer were caused by consuming alcohol. In women 25% of upper digestive tract cancer, 18% of liver cancer and 4% of colorectal cancer were caused by alcohol consumption. In addition 5% of breast cancer in women was linked to drinking. The study concluded that in Western Europe an important proportion of cancer cases are connected to drinking alcohol, especially consumption that is greater than the recommended daily allowance.

There is a clear case for cutting alcohol out of our daily diet, or at least significantly reducing our intake. In fact some s in the functional oncology field include nutrition as a major component of their treatment programs. Angeles Health International in Mexico has a Functional Oncology (Alternative Cancer Treatment) Center that uses nutrition as the first line of defense. Their treatment centers provide organic food to all patients prepared by top Chefs from the Culinary Art Institute.

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