Most of us have experienced the positive effects of a hot bath on aching muscles or the rays of sunshine that warm your skin. Heat, quite simply feels good.

But heat is more than a simple pleasure in life, heat is healing. For instance a hot water bottle on the tummy for period pains or a microwave heated wheat-pack on stiff and aching neck muscles. We have also experienced the benefits of sweating from Turkish baths to saunas and modern spas.

In 5,000 B.C., the Egyptians treated tumours with heat and today we continue to explore and have a deeper understanding of the principles of tumour-heating, where heat stimulates the tissue temperature, causing the body to react by dilating blood vessel, so that tissues get revitalized due to the improved circulation. One of the main principles in Traditional Chinese medicine says good circulation promotes health.

Way up on the other end of the scale is medically-supervised whole-body and localized hyperthermia. Much more complex in execution but founded on the same basic principles.

Pioneer work at Angeles Hospital focuses on the Hyperthermia

World leading work is being done at Tijuana’s Angeles Hospital, focusing on Systemic Ozonized Hyperthermia combined with agents like Dendritic Cells, Glutathione, and Cysteine, which are absorbed by cancer cells.

The heat produced by the radio waves encourages their uptake and promotes the death of the cancer cell.

Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy

There is also evidence that shows Hyperthermia allows chemotherapy to be administered more successfully and sometimes without significant side-effects.

Want to get a better understanding of how the process works? Understanding the SO3H process.